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Huge update on Nati’s VK posts!

Hi Nati Lovers!

It’s been a quite long time I wasn’t online. I just prepare my masterthesis.
But I found some space to add all the photos Nati posted on VK. 😃


Enjoy this update. 😉

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Natalia is preparing for La noche mágica.

Nati posted a new photo backstage of her preparing for filming the movie La noche mágica.

Arranco la peli #LaNocheMagica
Preparándome para la jornada nocturna ⭐🎬

Nati is preparing for the night shift. 😉
We can’t wait. 😃

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Welcome September!

Nati posted a new photo of Merlin on VK where she welcomes september. 🙂

Feliz septiembre! 🌈

Quick reminder: in Argentinta is right now winter, but soon spring. 😉

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Nati flying back home and…

… preparing for the new movie: La Noche Magica
Nati just posted a photo of her preparing for the new movie she will shoot now. 🙂


Regresando a mi Buenos Aires querido.
Estudiando para #LaNocheMagica 🎬

Nati is flying back to her beloved Buenos Aires.
Preparing for La Noche Magica.

I am curious! Just can’t wait for the new movie! 🙆🏻‍♀️❤

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Nati’s stay in Sochi.

Natalia posted some fun stuff from Sochi. Here we go:

Ya en Sochi. Ensayando para el show…
Bueno, creo que me olvide la letra! jejej
Estoy en el horno 😆

Nati forgot her lyrics… 👌😂

And here’s a greeting from Sochi. It’s soooo cold there. 😉

Piensas que en Rusia siempre hace frio?

Do you think Russia is so cold?

Enjoy it! 🙂

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Natalia is in Russia for the New Wave contest in Sochi.

Natalia is right now in Russia. She is preparing for the show in Sochi: New Wave 2019.

Mi amada Rusia, allá voyyyyy ❤❤❤

Natalia will be a guest star at the New Wave 2019 contest. She will be performing on the 25th august.

If you live near to Sochi or you wanna see Natalia, here is the LINK for tickets.

Estoy cerquita!! Los extrañé ❤✈

„I’m close! I missed!“ – Nati is on her way!

I’m curious for the show! 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

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Happy Birthday Ricardo!

Today is Ricardo’s birthday! Si I wish him all the best and the best day with his lovely family! ♥

Natalia also have a lovely post for Ricardo:

Hoy cumple años el hombre más tierno, dulce, divertido, talentoso, bueno, generoso, inteligente, hermoso, el mejor papá, el mejor amigo y el mejor amor del mundo entero!!
Feliz Cumpleaños!
Te amo ❤

Of course Nati also posted yesterday her lovely balcony with flowers! Take a look:

Mi balcón.
Mi amor por las orquídeas 🌸

I looove it! 💖😍🎇

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Nati’s wishes for the new week!

Natalia just posted on monday a lovely photo on her VK.

Buen comienzo de semana!

Nati is wishing a good start into the new week.

Thank you Nati! ❤🎇

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Nati shows some good old times.

Natalia posted on her VK a short video. It shows her and her partner Diego Ramos in a casting for the telenovela Ricos y famosos.

Here is the video:

Casting de «Ricos y Famosos»!!!!!

Casting for „Ricos y Famosos„!!!!!

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Natalia on a carousel.

Natalia posted a lovely short clip on VK. Today she spend a nice time on a carousel.

No te olvides de tu niño interior.
Amo las calesitas 🎠

„Do not forget your inner child.
Have fun!
I love the little carousel 🎠“

It’s so cute!

Don’t forget to check out some gallery updates! 😍