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Natalia is in Russia for the New Wave contest in Sochi.

Natalia is right now in Russia. She is preparing for the show in Sochi: New Wave 2019.

Mi amada Rusia, allá voyyyyy ❤❤❤

Natalia will be a guest star at the New Wave 2019 contest. She will be performing on the 25th august.

If you live near to Sochi or you wanna see Natalia, here is the LINK for tickets.

Estoy cerquita!! Los extrañé ❤✈

„I’m close! I missed!“ – Nati is on her way!

I’m curious for the show! 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

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Natalia Oreiro will be hosting ‚Got talent Uruguay‘.

Natalia is usually not always moderating shows. She was seen for example as a hoster of the Martín Fierro or Todo por los Niños, a charity event. But this time we can see her hosting the reality-show ‚Got talent Uruguay‚.
This tuesday, 30.07.2019, Nati confirmed that she will be a part of this show. Canal 10 is the homecanal of the show.
This is Natalia’s first time in Uruguay’s TV. As Nati says it’s her fault, that she didn’t make it further to be in her country on a TV show.
But Nati declared also:

„This is something else. It’s really a great show and I have to be professional, but at the same time I want to be me, and I think that’s why they also called me, to have that closeness with people“



See Nati’s message:

See interviews with Nati about the show:

Watch a short documentary about the first and new production of ‚Got talent Uruguay‘:

Now we all can’t wait to see Nati presenting a new show!
Source: Canal 10

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Nati suprised Facundo at a TV Show.

Nati suprised Facundo Arana at a TV show on 7th May, while he was giving an interview.

Facundo remembered some real good times on ‚Muñeca Brava‘. He said about the telenovela that it „was an unexpected dream, really. It was like going to sleep one day and have the best dream of your life and a dream that you do not expect to repeat because it simply happened“. He had nothing to complain.
Then suddenly a greeting from Nati was shown, where she said „Facu, I love you with all my soul, with all my heart. Since we started to meet in ‚Muñeca Brava‘, we became great companions. I can assure you that in ‚Sos mi vida‘ we became brothers, great friends of the soul, of the heart and of life and you will always be here, in my heart. I love you a lot“.
A really lovely suprise! 🙂

Now check the video with the interview and the suprise call. 😉